DIY Perfume Using Essential Oils

This post is going to be about a quick and easy do it yourself perfume recipe. I like to make several different kinds of scents for different activities or events. I like to use a bright fresh perfume during the day and when I'm out on the town I tend to fancy something more of a deep rich "nighttime" smell. With this DIY recipe you'll be able to make a different perfume for every occasion for less than the cost of one department store perfume.

Basic Recipe
1 tsp Vodka (90 proof or higher) -
40-60 drops Essential Oils of choice

You may also need:
Atomizer bottle or spray bottle
Measuring Spoons
Measuring Cup

My Zen Fairy Perfume (makes two small atomizer bottles)
4 tsps Smirnoff 100 Proof Vodka
Essential Oils use in this particular recipe :
30 drops Moonlit Lotus
25 drops Sandalwood & Amber
14 drops French Pear
2 drops grapefruit
1 drop Ginger
1 drop Frankincense

This perfume is pure and potent. Its sits more on the side of a Parfum (25%-35% Fragrance Strength) rather than an Eau De Toilette (5%-10% Fragrance Strength). You will only need 1 spray of it each time you want to smell amazing, which means one small bottle of it will last you quite a long time. If you would like to dilute it into a body spray add 6 TBSP distilled water and use in a misting spray bottle.

Watch out video tutorial on this DIY Perfume using Essential Oils below or on our YouTube channel.

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