Does that pearl depilatory blue wax work? We try it for you.

This week's video is a very casual, chat and try about that blue wax you've probably seen on Instagram. Also called depilatory or pearl wax, it is supposed to be painless and be a good alternative to traditional waxing. We substituted a double boiler and some chopsticks, for their wax warmer and flat wooden sticks for the wax.

View the video so you can be a part of this experiment and feel our feels.


Gross Ingredients in Beauty Products

YES! In our new video I try to gross out Marie by telling her what may be in her beauty products. I have gathered a list of some "natural" weird ingredients that are lurking in our daily cosmetics and some that are just down right gross.

You'll have to watch the video to find out which ingredients are in your cosmetics (including the excrement of a very large mammal). I would like to thank you for watching and also having a strong stomach.


Fall Date Ideas

Just in time for fall Decorate You talks about a list of date ideas that are Autumn themed. Marie describes date ideas found on the internet and Olga gives her yay or nay. Learn some interesting things about our dating lives, and some nice ideas for your fall activities. Watch the video to be "internetained" and let us know if you think these ideas are cool or just 'meh'.

Use hashtag #DYTeaTalk on social media if you want us to see!

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