March 2015 Beauteque Monthly Unboxing

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I paid for 100% of this box with my own money.

It's no secret that Asian women have great skin and I can thank my parents for mine. However, genes can only take me so far. I need to start taking the precautionary steps to care for my skin now so my skin will look just as great later on. The concept of beauty routines and skin care in Asia are very different from Western views. In Asia a lot more focus is placed on nourishing your skin and maintaining it from a very early age.  It seems that most beauty products in America focus on stripping the skin of oils/acne and covering it up with makeup. There are so many different kinds of moisturizers and skin care products that exist in Asia that don't exist in America.

I'm slowly transitioning my beauty products from Western companies to Eastern companies and feel that Beauteque Monthly is a good way to start this transition. I've been wanting to try out a beauty subscription box for a while anyway. The idea of getting new products to try out in the mail is really exciting! Also because I'm transitioning from Western to Eastern beauty brands it's the perfect time for me to try out new things. I know most beauty boxes send you sample sized items so I wanted to find a company that would send me FULL sized products and Beauteque Monthly does just that! This subscription box costs $25, comes with information cards, and you have to order in 3 month increments. They also send you an email a couple weeks before they ship out the boxes to ask you for your preference of scent or color for a couple items.

Items Received:

  • Lips print makeup bag (price not listed) Cute bag but it's pretty small and cheaply made. It's convenient for storing moisturizers on the go though and that's probably what I'll be using it for. I'm not sure if you get one of these every month, like Ipsy, but it's a cute bonus.
  • The Face Shop Rice Toner ($12) I LOVE The Face Shop and their entire Rice Water line! I've used the Rice Water Milk Cleanser and the Rice Water Brightening Cleanser and they both work so well! I don't expect any less from this toner and I'm so excited to use it. This full sized toner is 5.07 oz
  • The Face Shop Cucumber Herb Day Massage Cream ($12) I've never used a massage cream but The Face Shop's store brand products have never let me down. If you're unfamiliar with The Face Shop, it's like a Sephora or Ulta but stocked with Asian beauty products. This smells EXACTLY like cucumbers and it's a very thick consistency. In fact if you watch my video review you can see me holding the container upside down and NOTHING drips out of it. This contains 5.07 oz of cream.
  • A'pieu Take My Hands Avocado Nail Sheet Pack ($5) "What is this?" was my first thought when I looked at this nail sheet pack. These look like little finger gloves meant to moisturize your cuticles. I've never heard of nail sheet packs before so I'm definitely excited to try these out. But I don't know if I would pay $5 for these packs when I can just buy or make some cuticle cream.
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Hair Cap/ Tonymoly Mini Bling Pocket Hair Pack ($3) From what I understand I think this is a cap that you put onto your head while using a deep conditioner or hair mask. The information card mentions that it will help retain heat, which will make the ingredients in your conditioner work better. I'm not sure how this will be different from just using a shower cap.
  • Beauteque Pore Control Blackhead Brush ($15) This is a brush to help you wash your nose! It's very soft and feels great on my nose, I love it! I can see how this will clean curves of your nose and I will probably use this a lot. I knew of face cleansing brushes but had no idea that brushes just for cleaning your nose exists!
  • Etude House Look at my eyes cafe ($9.50) I know Etude House is a popular Korean beauty brand and this is my first item from them. This neutral eye shadow is pretty cute and I'm excited to try this out.
  • Mizon Modeling Cup Pack/ Alica Modeling Gelly Mask Pack ($8) This is powder that you're suppose to mix with water. It is suppose to become a gel that you spread onto your face after cleansing and toning. I haven't used gel masks before since I'm partial to sheet masks. Sheet masks are a lot more convenient because you don't have to prepare anything and also there's no cleanup! However, I'm excited to try this out.
  • Total Value= $64.50

Overall, I feel like this was worth $25. I know you can find some of these items online for much cheaper than the suggested retail prices listed on the information card. However, $25 also includes the cost of shipping, the time an employee spent to curate these items, and gives you the opportunity to try new things. If you're interested into delving into Asian beauty products, which can be overwhelming, I suggest checking out the Asian Beauty thread on reddit.

Watch the video on our channel for my first impressions of these items!

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