Asian Skincare Routine

The average skincare routine in America is a lot less complex than the average skincare routine in Asia. If you're spending 30 minutes putting on your makeup, why not spend the same amount of time taking it off?The Asian skincare routine for Nighttime is becoming more and more popular with magazine such as Elle and Vogue writing articles about it. At first it seems like you are using a TON of products and it's somewhat overwhelming. 

It's based on the idea of cleaning your skin thoroughly and then nourishing and moisturizing it. After cleansing your face you'll start putting products on from things that are more liquid based to cream based. Thats because the liquids will not penetrate the more heavy creams if you were to put creams on first. Wait 30 seconds between each application of products to give your skin time to absorb it. If you're not wearing makeup just start at step 2.

Step 1- Remove Your Makeup

  • Use a store bought cleanser or use sweet almond oil. For more details on how I use sweet almond oil to remove my makeup click the video at the end of this post!

Steps 2&3- Wash Your Face

  • Koreans use a double cleansing method where you wash your face with an oil cleanser then a foaming cleanser. Some claim that the double cleansing method is a gentle way to clearer skin!

Step 4- Exfoliate (2x a week)

  • Use a store bought exfoliating scrub or a homemade sugar scrub to remove any dead skin from your face. Your face will be soft and clean!

Step 5- Toner

  • There are many benefits to using a toner including reducing appearance of pores, acne prevention, brightening skin tone, balancing the pH levels of your face and more! 
  • You can also use all natural alternatives to store bought toners. Check out our video about toner alternatives here:

Step 6- Serum

  • Serums are jam packed with nutrients that'll nourish, hydrate, and treat your skin. The molecules in serums are smaller than those in moisturizers and creams. Therefore, they will penetrate into the lower layers of skin whereas moisturizers and creams sit on the top layer of your skin.
  • You can also use natural ingredients as opposed to store bought serums. For more details watch our video about 3 serum alternatives:

Step 7- Sheet Mask (1x a week)

  • You can buy these serum soaked masks at Sephora, Walmart, and online. I personally love the brand "My Beauty Diary". If you buy this brand make sure it's not counterfeit, it is a very popular item! Leave your sheet mask on for about 20 minutes. Most masks will instruct you to pat in the remaining serum instead of washing it off your face.
  • Do not substitute a sheet mask for a clay mask. If you decide to use a clay mask you should do it between steps 1 and 2.

Step 8- Eye cream

  • Depending on what issues you are looking to treat, you can buy gel or cream based eye creams. Use your ring fingers to lightly dab a bit of eye cream underneath your eyes. Your ring finger will put the least amount of pressure on the tender skin around your eyes.

Step 9- moisturizer

  • this is a lightweight moisturizer, you can use lotion but don't use anything with SPF or fragrance

step 10- Night cream

  • This is the last product you'll layer onto your face. Your night cream should be the most dense product in your skincare routine. The density of it will help to lock in all the super hydrating products you've spent all this time putting on! 

I used to just wash my face with one cleanser than but a moisturizer on it. Since January I've started this new skincare routine and my face feels less oily, more hydrated, cleaner, and it seems to be more even in tone. It took about 30 minutes at first but now I have this routine down to 15 minutes on the days I don't have to use a sheet mask. I love it and I definitely recommend giving this a try!

Watch the video on our channel for further details!

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