How to Remove Makeup Naturally & Without Makeup Remover!

 You should really be putting in some time in taking off your makeup properly. If you spend 30 minutes putting it on, why not spend 30 minutes to take it off? Leftover makeup on your face can cause breakouts and leave colorful smudges on your pillow cases! You can buy makeup remover or you can just use sweet almond oil. I LOVE using sweet almond oil because it's cheap and EXTREMELY effective. I know some people use mineral oil but I don't because it's harmful to get in your eyes and it's been known to cause breakouts because of how it's processed. Sweet almond oil is great to use on your face because of it's many nutrients and benefits. These include it being:
  • moisturizing yet not greasy
  • soothing and an anti-inflammatory
  • restores the natural pH levels of your skin giving you a nice natural glow
  • reduces wrinkles and dark circles
  • reverses damage caused by sun exposure
So on top of all the benefits I just mentioned, you can use this to remove your makeup. All you need is a quarter sized amount of sweet almond oil (I recommend getting pure almond oil, not a blend), some q-tips (for eye makeup), and one makeup remover wipe (I use Burt's Bees).

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