Top 10 Essential Crafting Supplies

So lately I have been doing a lot of arts and crafts. The last few posts have been a bunch of DIY projects that mainly have to do with decor and organization. I made a pair of sunburst mirrors out of popsicle sticks, tumblr inspired canvas art, a ring dish, floral letters, a flower jar, and a necklace organizer. There are constantly some supplies we are using and I thought it would be handy to compile a list of essential crafting supplies. So here is a basic list of my essential crafting supplies:
  1. A GOOD hot glue gunDepending on whether you get a good one or a really cheap one, your hot glue gun will be either your best friend or your worst enemy. I think hot glue is the most convenient of glues because it dries quickly and provides a good quality of adhesion but it isn't permanent. I didn't realize how handy a good hot glue gun is and I use it often for many crafts.
  2. Spray paint Get at least your basic colors of such as black, white, and a clear overcoat. A good quality of spray paint will provide better coverage than a cheaper version. You can use spray paint to makeover anything from furniture to jewelry. You can spray paint basically anything to give it a new look!
  3. Painter’s tapeYou'll need this to mask off any areas you do not want to paint or spray paint. You can also create patterns, like chevron or stripes, with it. It's cheap and super satisfying to peel off a finished project.
  4. Loose glitterYou either love glitter or hate glitter. I love glitter. It's perfect for glamming up pretty much anything from shoes to a plastic toy.
  5. Mod PodgeThis product is great because it is an all-in-one glue, finisher, and sealer! 
  6. Paint/sponge brushesPaint and sponge brushes can obviously be used for painting. But they can also be used to spread glue, place glitter, and correct mistakes. 
  7. Glass bottles or jarsYou can save old candle jars or spaghetti source jars (or at least that's where I get them from). You can also buy Mason jars, they're pretty cheap. You can decorate them so they double as organizational items and room decor. You can also fill them up with goodies (from homemade sugar scrubs to hot cocoa ingredients) to give as gifts!
  8. E6000 glueI feel this is the holy grail of crafting glues. After this glue dries whatever you've glued together WILL NOT come apart, it's permanent. The drying time is longer than hot glue or Mod Podge but the quality of adhesion is far superior. It bonds together basically anything including wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, rubber, vinyl, and fiberglass to name a few things. A tube of this is pretty cheap and it also comes in black.
  9. A SHARP pair of scissors I think owning a pair of good sharp scissors is a basic necessity for just life in general. Who likes using dull scissors? When you're crafting the last thing I want to deal with is not being able to cut something because that pretty much kills my project and my motivation. 
  10. RibbonRibbon is both cute and practical. You can use ribbon in sewing projects as well as crafting projects. I've used it to do a lot of things from neatly package gift jars to hanging decor I've made. It's cheap, lightweight, and comes in a variety of colors, materials, and patterns!
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