Organic Banana Facial Mask

Organic Banana Facial Mask:

                                                                             Hello Beautiful People! 
During the Winter, your skin becomes extremely sensitive to the cold.Your skin may feel dry, tight, and may appear unflattering. In this tutorial I showed you how to make an Organic Banana Facial mask, just by mixing things that you already have in your kitchen. Check out the video <<<

Ingredients (use Organic products for better results)
1/2 Banana (bananas going brown adds more moisture)
1 Tsp Honey 
1 Tbsp Plain Yogurt 
You will also need a mixing bowl and a mixing spoon.

Bananas: contain acids that remove dead skin cells.
Honey: Holds moisture in your skin
Yogurt: Acts as a natural moisturizer

Throw all of your ingredients into a mixing bowl. 
Begin to mash your ingredients together until the consistency feels like lotion.
Wash your face.
Smooth the mask all of your face, avoiding your eyes.
Leave on for 20 minutes.
Rinse your face in lukewarm water.

Your skin should feel and look smooth. By making this Organic mask, you are saving not only money, but your skin from harsh ingredients and toxins found in major products. 

With Love,

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