5 Step Nails: Minnie Mouse

A cute and easy Minnie Mouse inspired look!
 Difficulty: ★  ☆☆

red polish glitter polish ♥white nail polish
a dotter tool (a dull pencil will also work)
top coat base coat
Apply a base coat to clean dry hands.
Using your favorite red polish apply 1 to 2 coats evenly to all nails. Let the polish dry before moving on to the next step.
Next use your sparkling glitter polish to accent your pinky finger nail as well as your thumb. Its quite easy and will give your finished design more interest and sparkle.
Use your dotter and white polish to make cute polka dots all over your index finger. 
Repeat this on your ring finger. Add as little or many as you'd like.
The last step is to glue your big bow charm onto the middle finger. Use a spot of glue to adhere the bow to your nail. Press firmly until set. (Watch video for easy alternative with black nail polish!!)

Thats it!
Now you can flaunt your Minnie Mouse inspired nails wherever you go!
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