DIY Cute Cookie Jewelry using Polymer Clay

I love making charms with polymer clay. I could sit and sculpt away for hours making adorable faux food and mini animals. The season for family dinners and baked goodies is just around the corner so I wanted to share how I make my gingerbread bear cookies or "ginger-bear" cookies. These are not the kind you eat, even though you do bake them in the oven. ;)

To make these adorable bears you'll need:
-Gold polymer clay
-Brown polymer clay
-Hard Bristle Toothbrush
-Your Hands

Start by kneading the clay "dough" to make it soft and pliable. Continue with the steps in our tutorial video to see how to make the rest. It is so easy and fun. You can make several of these, attach them to rings or other accessories and give them out as gifts...or you can keep all the cookies for yourself.

Here are a few shots of these glamorous ginger-bear cookies as a ring and also a gold necklace. For the necklace I also made a lavender ice cream charm and hung it off center for an added cute touch. Oh, I just love asymmetrical things.

Looks good enough to eat!

Learn how to make these cute polymer clay bears by watching our detailed video below or on our YouTube channel.

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