How To: DIY Glitter Heels Tutorial

I love glitter and I want to put it on EVERYTHING. But since I'm no longer under the age of 10, glittering everything would make me seem insane so I have to use it sparingly now.  I decided to refashion some black heels by glittering the soles. Read on for easy step by step instructions!

  • 1 pair of heels
  • 1 foam brush or paint brush
  • Mod Podge (glossy or matte finish)
  • Sandpaper
  • Painters tape
  • Bowl
  • Glitter
  • Clear spray paint
  • Box or newspapers to work on

(Note: Remember to work OVER your box/newspaper!) 
  1. Sand down the soles of your heels to clean off any dirt and to create a better surface for the glitter to stick to.
  2. Use the painters tape to mask off all the areas you don't want to have glitter on. I taped over the bottom of the soles and heel (the parts that actually touch the floor). Don't forget to tape off the sides of your shoe.
  3. Using your brush, mix together a bit of glitter and Mod Podge in your bowl. A little Mod Podge goes a long way!
  4. Paint a thin layer of the glitter glue mixture onto the soles of your heels. Make sure you've painted the layer evenly so it doesn't dry in chunks.
  5. Before the glue dries, pour glitter directly over soles. Don't worry about using a lot of glitter, the excess glitter will fall off with a few shakes of your shoe. Make sure you've used enough glitter to cover painted area of the sole entirely.
  6. Allow about 30 minutes for the painted layer to dry. You can speed this up by using the warm and low setting of your blowdryer. Do this over a sink and away from any loose glitter!!!
  7. Coat another thin layer of the glitter glue mixture on top of your glittered sole to seal it.
  8. Allow 1 hour for your shoe to dry.
  9. Spray 1 coat of the clear spray paint over you glitter soles.
  10. Pair with any outfit to look amazing!
Click below to watch our detailed step by step video tutorial on How To: Glitter Heels Tutorial on our YouTubeChannel.

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