What to Wear On A Plane! Airplane/Travel Essentials & Outfit

A lot of people are traveling this holiday season. For me, it's important to travel comfortably so I usually wear sneakers, yoga pants and a long sleeve shirt. I also bring along a scarf and maybe a jacket (depending on my destination). Layers and non-constricting clothes keep me warm and comfortable.  Read on for more!

I know when I travel there are a few must have items I need carry on in my purse. My purse is Dooney & Bourke's Nylon Victoria Tote in Black.

Here's a list of all the things I keep in my purse to carry on a plane:
  • Wallet 
  • Phone & headphones 
  • Burt's Bees chapstick, Khiel's Ultra Facial Crean, Marc Jacob's Daisy lotion
  • Scarf ( this will keep you warm if you get cold)
  • Hand sanitizer (airplanes aren't really disinfected so keep clean!)
  • Gum (for minty breath + they'll help ease the pressure on your ears from flying)
  • Contact solution & case (normal eye drops if you don't have contacts)
  • Deodorant (don't be that person that smells on the plane)
  • Your makeup pouch (you can do your makeup if you get bored!)
  • Sunglasses 
  • iPad (for games + reading)
  • Phone, computer, and iPad chargers
  • Bottle of water (buy this after going through security)
  • Snacks
Click on the video below to see how I prepare my carry on purse and my travel hair and outfit on our YouTube Channel.

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