5 Step Plan You Need to Beat Procrastination FOREVER

Let's not kid ourselves, procrastinating is something we're all guilty of. But sometimes it gets SO bad that it seems as if you'll (I mean I'll) NEVER GET IT DONE! I've been a procrastinator pretty much my whole life up until recently. Here is my ULTIMATE 5 step plan to beat procrastination forever! 

1. Energize

Whatever you’re concentrating on from cleaning to homework you'll need to be energized. Being hungry or thirsty won’t help you focus on what you need to do. So eat a QUICK healthy snack and hydrate, stay away from food coma inducing foods and sugary drinks that’ll leave you with a sugar crash. Don't spend more than 10 minutes doing this!

2. Re-focus & Prioritize

Re-focus by getting rid of the distractions. This means stop texting and get off Facebook. You can use http://getcoldturkey.com  to block yourself from accessing social network sites to a set amount of time. Now you'll want to prioritize your tasks by making a general outlining or checklist of what you need to do. Breaking down a huge task into smaller tasks makes what you have to do less overwhelming!

3. Get In The Zone 

This is where you build up momentum and really enter a consistent work flow. Start by taking baby steps. This means clean one area first. Focus on one thing at a time like start by sorting out your laundry. Or begin by making an outline for that essay before you start to do research.  

4. Take A Break 

If you've been working for a while you need to take a break. Don't take a break before you've been working for AT LEAST 45 minutes (you need that time to build momentum and get into the zone!). Once you've been working anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours give yourself a 10 minute break (NO MORE THAN THAT!). Taking breaks during long work sessions has been proven to prevent you from burning out, therefore making you more productive! Make sure you keep it to 10 minutes because anymore than that you might fall back into procrastinating. Also, this will keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and you are rewarding yourself for staying on track. Eat a snack or get some coffee! :)

5. Acknowledge Yourself For Getting It Done!

Yay you are the most awesome person EVER! YOU DID IT! Positive self reinforcement goes a long way in changing mentalities so congratulate yourself for getting it done. Check it off on a checklist, tell everyone on Facebook, or celebrate with some ice cream (or whatever makes you happy)!

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