How to Organize your Jewelry

I love jewelry! I have way too much of it and after a while I realized that the one jewelry box I had was not able to handle all that I have. It became too full and was very unorganized. I decided it was time to reorganize my jewelry in a way that they could also be showcased. I made a ring tray and necklace display board. For my bracelets, earrings, watches, and sunglasses I found cute and cheap alternative ways to store and display them. Read on to see how I organize my jewelry for cheap!

I use these chic tiered stands to display and store my earrings, watches, sunglasses, and bracelets! The smaller tiered stand is from Ebay and the larger one is from Ikea (it's called the Ikea 365+). The small glasses I store my earrings in on the smaller tiered stand are from Ikea, they're called GLIMMA. The smaller GLIMMA I use for smaller post earrings cost only $1.99 for a 12 pack. The slightly larger GLIMMA used for my chandelier earrings cost $1.99 for a 6 pack.

I received this jewelry tree as a gift and used to use it for necklaces and bracelets. Since I made my own necklace holder I now use this as just a bracelet holder. It's actually the perfect height for just bracelets!

I made this cute DIY necklace display board. It also doubles as room decor. It was a really cheap and fun DIY project. Check out the video tutorial to make one of your own! The key that hold my longer necklace was from Claire's and it's really cute.

I wanted to make something fun to display my rings on. This DIY ring holder project only cost me $2 and was very simple. Check out the step by step video!

Watch the video on our channel for step by step instructions!

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