Exclusive Nail Couture Drill and Cuticle Bit Set Unboxing

I was recently in the market for a nail drill to do e-manicures. After much research and shopping around I stumbled upon Exclusive Nail Couture's website. Needless to say I was hooked on their Mini Toy Drill from first glance. It has a compact size with a cute design and best of all it is a darling shade of pink! I placed an order for the drill as well as their Pink Diamond Manicure Drill Bit Set.

Watch the video to see the unboxing in action. The efile was $300 and the bit set was $49.99 (which comes with a cute pink cuticle oil that smells great! 

The machine works well and the small size is convenient. I love that it is rechargeable so I am wire-free; this way I can clip the drill on my waist and do manicure or pedicures without the fear of getting tangled. 

This is my first nail drill so I am unable to compare its performance to another product, however I can tell you that it is relatively quiet and the hand-piece has low vibration. I highly enjoy that the hand-piece is lightweight with a slim design so it fits into my small hands quite well.

If you are looking for a good nail drill this is a nice and cute choice!

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