Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Valentine's Day is coming up! Whether you're single and going out with friends OR taken and going on a date you'll want to dress up. You'll probably want to do your makeup and hair to be appropriate for whatever activity you'll be doing.

I know this Valentine's Day I am going to want to do my hair and makeup to be appropriate for whale watching (WHAT?) and a nice dinner (yum...). For a step by step tutorial watch the video at the bottom of this post :)

For my eyeshadow I've decided to do a chocolate and strawberries inspired look. I chose a few colors and I used e.l.f.'s ultimate eyeshadow palette.

I chose a lip color that goes with the pink of my eyeshadow. I outlined my lips with e.l.f.'s lip lock pencil so my lipstick doesn't bleed. Also, I outlined and filled in my lips with e.l.f.s Peachy mineral lip liner.Then, I applied e.l.f.'s Runway Pink mineral lipstick with a lip brush. Finally, I set my lipstick with 1 ply of Kleenex and some translucent powder.

View this look in the tutorial video below!

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