Uses for Coconut Oil: DO's & DON'Ts

Lately there's been a lot of talk about how beneficial coconut oil is. There are a variety of uses for coconut oil. I want to share some of the ways you can use it in your beauty routine and when to skip it.

Coconut Oil & Hair

  • You may use coconut oil as a deep conditioner for your hair. I recommend spreading the coconut oil evenly on your locks and wrapping up your hair in a hot towel. After 15 minutes rinse and shampoo if needed. If you have thick, dry, damaged hair this might work well for you. I do not suggest using it on fine hair that tends to get oily.
  • Use a bit of coconut oil on your ends to smooth hair and to tame fly aways.
  • Sooth an itchy scalp by using the tips of your fingers to rub some coconut oil into your scalp.

Coconut Oil & Your Face

  • Mix coconut oil and a fine sugar to use as a facial scrub. Coconut oil may clog pores, to avoid this you can use sunflower oil or olive oil which are less likely to clog the pores.
  • Mix some coconut oil with raw organic honey as a face mask for 5-10 mins. This might leave your face with a slighty red hue which should subside. Do a spot test before applying the mixture to your entire face.
  • Coconut oil makes a good natural eye makeup remover. Simply put some on a cotton pad, hold over the area for a few seconds and wipe away any makeup residue.
  • Use coconut oil as a lip balm! Simply spread some on your lips and enjoy its moisturizing properties.

 Coconut Oil & Your Body

  • Make a body scrub by mixing some coconut oil, fine salt and some essentials oils.
  • Massage the rough parts of your feet with coconut oil before bed. Wear some socks overnight. In the morning your feet will feel smoother and softer.
  • Coconut oil makes a nice shaving aid. Cover the area with a thin layer of the oil and shave as normal.
For more uses and tips watch our video on our Youtube Channel below that is all about Coconut Oil! 

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